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Internal Advancement

& Position Change Opportunities

Senior Credit Specialist

Maintains positive customer relations while answering incoming phone calls. Addresses various types of customer inquiries and concerns pertaining to recent orders, account information and credit status, as well as some additional call workgroups requiring additional knowledge and skills.

Advanced Call Specialist

Assist the agents on the calling floor by taking phone calls and chats to help aid Credit Specialists and Collectors with questions involving but not limited to the following: System Problems, Provides professional support and solutions to employee questions, Credit system procedures and customer status, Customer account information, General customer service inquiries and order taking.


Contacts the customer(s) by telephone to investigate conditions causing the past due amount and obtain an arrangement for payment. Interacts with the customers and inputs remittance information and/or updated payment plans into the system. 

Credit Analyst

Accesses Credit System to process and analyze orders based on information received from Credit Bureaus. Credit Bureaus that return with no record history will require the analyst to call customers to obtain credit history.

Loss Prevention

Prevents current and future dollar loss due to fraudulent activity. Reduces company liability by investigating and resolving customer claims of unauthorized use and identity theft in accordance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. Ensures efficient operation of the Loss Prevention department through continuous improvement, preparation of paperwork and system for investigation and resolution of fraudulent behavior regarding accounts / customers.


Provides customer account maintenance including data entry, mail sorting, faxing, online disputes and office support tasks.


Assists with the responsibility of meeting production goals, general training, coaching and supervision of all full/part time DM Services employees (Credit, Collections, Clerical, Loss Prevention, Etc.) in their daily job functions as needed. Manages job tasks according to personnel availability and workload requirements. Maintains, troubleshoots, and reports daily problems of all PCs, telephones, and office equipment to superiors.