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Desktop PC

Work From Home

Computer Requirements

The following requirements will also be checked via a computer check as part of the application process to ensure current operating systems meet requirement. This must be passed to proceed with application/interview process.

Computer/Internet Requirements

A PC or Laptop With:

  • Current and supported MS Windows 8.1, or 10 Operating System (No Mac, Vista, Chromebook, or XP)
  • Processor
    • AMD 2.1GHZ or higher, OR
    • Intel 1.8GHZ or higher, OR
    • Intel 1.7GHZ or lower; must be i3, i5, i7 or Pentium with 4 or more cores and be 2016 or newer
  • 4GB RAM or installed memory
  • 10GB of Free Hard Disk Space

Dedicated High Speed Internet:

  • Internet Download Speed: 4.0 MBPS
  • Internet Upload Speed: 2.0 MBPS
  • Wired Internet with a cable connection (Dial-up, Wi-Fi, Hotspots, and Satellite are not allowed)

Additional Requirements:

  • Keyboard: Function Keys (F-Keys)
  • Wired USB Headset
  • Webcams are recommended (not required)