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DM Services has an amazing training department who devotes their time to make sure you are comfortable and successful at your new job.

Employee Testimonials

I like working at DM Services because from day one everyone has been so willing to help no matter what the questions are. Everyone is just so nice and wants you to succeed!

Photo of Linda Tomlinson


I was looking for a change so that is why I applied here. I went to school for computer skills and thought that I would be able to strengthen my skill set while working here. The scheduling was good and allowed me to be home at night so I could enjoy family time, which was important to me. I enjoy my work environment. I come to work, do my job and focus on the task at hand. I also love talking with people! It is fun to be able to speak with all different types of people from all over the country! This is a clean and fun work environment!


I originally applied with DM Services to get extra spending money for Christmas. I have stayed with the company because I enjoy the working environment. Everyone is really nice here and gets along with each other. What I love best about my job is helping out the customers. I really enjoy resolving their conflicts. Someone should apply here because of the flexible working hours and relaxed working environment!


I love my job at DM , I love the people here. The pay is great and you don’t have to take the job home with you.


I have been with Dm Services for 15 years. And let me say our staff and extended techs. and additional support. They went above and beyond to get us working from home during this time. I’m so grateful that I have the choice to still work with the situation that is happening right now. Thank you.


DM is an awesome place to work! DM has flexible scheduling which is good if you’re in school or have another job. DM Services has an amazing training department who devotes their time to make sure you are comfortable and successful at your new job.

Photo of Angelique


Initially I was a college student and found that the DM Services was willing to accommodate my busy schedule with flexible hours. After graduating college, I chose to stay because the company offers several promising opportunities, such as gaining work experience that can build towards a promising resume. Aside from the work experience; I enjoy being able to partake in the company’s Booster Club & project team organizations. This ultimately creates a firm foundation of a friendly-family vibe.



Is there any cost associated with the home agent position?

If you already have all the required equipment including internet and phone service, there is no additional cost associated with this position. You are responsible for your internet bills.

What type of equipment do I need to be a home agent?

We require that you have a PC, a USB headset, and a modem directly connected to your PC by an ethernet cable and a DSL or a fiber internet connection.

How difficult is the equipment to operate?

You need to know how to operate your internet browser, manipulate through your screens, and be proficient using your own equipment. You will receive training in how to operate our software systems.

Is there someone available for support if an issue should arise?

We have a specialized group that works with our home agents with any issues you may experience with our software, processes, or procedures.

How much Training is provided?

Two weeks of formal training/required training hours plus additional help as needed.

When do I get paid?

Your check will be direct deposited into your account on a weekly basis (direct deposit is required).

What are the minimum hours I am expected to be available each week?

Monday – Friday: 20 Hours (Mondays & Fridays Required) with a required rotation for Saturday morning as needed.

Weekender: 12 Hours (Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays Required)

Are there set shifts required?

No, we offer flexible scheduling based on your need and our required weekly minimums between our business hours of 7:00AM – 12:00AM.